Oneida County Sanitary Sewer Overflow Mitigation Project

The Oneida County Sanitary Sewer Overflow Mitigation Project is a multi-year initiative that is designed to reduce the amount of excess water that enters the sanitary sewer system during heavy rainfalls and substantial snowmelts. The Oneida County Sewer District and county government officials involved in this project are committed to keeping the public and all stakeholders well informed and are encouraging input and open dialogue from each community. On this site, you will find a number of detailed project information and resources, including the latest project information and updates. We welcome any suggestions you might have that will facilitate your need and desire for project-related information. For information about Operation Ripple Effect™, an initiative aimed at helping to eliminate residential sources of groundwater and stormwater from entering the sanitary sewer system, visit

Project Steering Committee

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Ongoing Repairs and Rehab

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Residential Information

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The County is committed to ensuring that all users within the Oneida County Sewer District benefit from ongoing maintenance and repair. Our Sanitary Sewer Overflow Mitigation Steering Committee has included representatives from all 15 district municipalities since the inception of the project. These representatives have played an integral role by incorporating the unique needs of each municipality in the development of a cohesive and cost-effective plan to address sewer overflows.
Anthony J. Picente Jr., County Executive